AQ2002 - High grade Phono + Line amplifiers

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Model AQ2002
Phono section  
Gain 57db
Frequency responsible 20Hz + 17db 20KHz - 17db (Riaa)
Distortion < 1%
S/N Ratio / Noise level mV 79 db /3mV (test at line output)
S/N Ratio with A weighting 88 db (1mV)
Line section  
Gain 12
Maximum output 10V
Frequency responsible  at 1V 10Hz - 100KHz
Frequency responsible at full power 12Hz - 70KHz
S/N Ratio / Noise level mV 82 db /1mV
S/N Ratio with A weighting 95 db (0.08mV)
Input impedance 100K
Power request 56W
Fuse  1A Slow blow
Power cord - Detachable /Fixed Detachable
Input Sockets RCA Gold Plate
Output Terminal RCA Gold Plate
Chassis Finish Shinning Steel
Front Panel Finish Aluminum /Gold /Silver or Black Anodizing
Tube Complement 5AR4 x 1,6V6 x 1,12AX7 x 3,12AU7 x 2
Dimension  W x D x H in mm 390 x 280 x 222
Shipping Dimension W x D x H in mm 420 x 350 x 333
Net Weight /Kg 8Kg
Shipping Weight /Kg 9Kg