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Company goal - Introduce tube amplifiers in right cost & Right quality with beautiful looking.

OEM/ODM base on your idea with very low setup charge. 

Introduce our new technology & new products. - New structure of tube sockets to improve reliability. Simuliar to Ymamoto structure but addiotional spring inside to improve contact.
  - New protection circuit to avoid damage in tubes , power & output transformers , power supply parts , amplifiers become more reliable.




- New bias circuit arrangement to avoid lack of - bias & lower noise.
- New structure connector with spring inside - no bad contact anymore.
- New Pre-amplifiers circuit  has lower distortion , low output impedance but no need output transformers & No cathode follower. It can drive most of the Solid state & tube power amplifier. RCA In - balance out. 
- New Hybird Bi-amp - Tubes to drive tweeter & Class D to drive Woofer. Good sound , high efficient, low cost. patented in China.
  - Autoformer input splitter - No need tube splitter , with RCA & balance input.
  - Autofomer attenuator with step motor control. 
  - Permalloy MC step up transformers , interstage & 8000H Grid Choke available now.
  - New Headphone/Pre-amp circuit, simple,reliable & good sound. output from Plate & cathode at same time. With SE/Balance output by 1 output device. (TUBE/MOSFET/transistor).
  New Headphone/Pre-amp - Transfomer/OTL out at one amplifiers. (Output transformer work as Choke at OTL mode.)
Design service & parts supplierS Circuit , PCB , Analogue & digital design service.
  Control & Function  Module for tube amplifiers - Step motor control for Step attenuators, IR remote for Volumn & Input selecting , Power tube over current protection circuit.
  Metal parts - CNC Milling & turning. Sheep metal cutting & bending for all kind of Chassis , shaft, Transformers covers................
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